Hiking Yoga

My new favorite thing to do is hiking yoga.  I’m convinced that NYC can do it to!  Although I gotta say San Diego is a bit more equipped, I’m on a quest to bring hiking yoga to Brooklyn.  Prospect Park, baby!! What it is: an hour an a half of a high paced awesome hike through the park, with four yoga stations along the way.

They supply a mini-yoga mat, jokingly referred to as a squirrel yoga mat, cause it looks like something a squirrel would do yoga on.  (Photo of that to come, they didn’t use ’em this past hike.)  It KICKS your ass and is super fun, too!

Find out more about it here:  Hiking Yoga.  They have it all over California and in parts of Texas and Kansas.  I think the guy who started it is originally from Kansas.  And, it’s awesome.

My new friend Trenton the tattoo'ed lawyer from hiking yoga!

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