For a fun drive and a quick day trip from San Diego proper, try Julian.  Julian is an old gold mining town about an hour east of San Diego.  These days it’s a bit of a touristy area, for empty streets be sure to go on a weekday, the weekend packs up with locals and tourists alike.  Hit up the Minor’s Diner, a fun, campy place right on Main Street, complete with old fashioned soda fountain and ample stuffs to look at while you dine.

The Miner's Diner

Right next door, through an adjoining door, you’ll find the Julian Drug Store — which may not seem exciting until you notice the old school candy area in the back, complete with candy buckets to fill to your hearts delight.  We highly recommend the Julian Drug Store brand peanut brittle.

Julian Drugstore Rear Candy Den

Apparently Julian is known for it’s pie, which we did notice was sold everywhere but neglected to get after our enormous meal (pretty yummy meal, by the way) from the Minor’s Diner.  You can’t miss the pie signs, and the places all looked like they made, well, pretty good pie, so I’m guessing you can’t go wrong at any of the pie shops.

Of course, if you’re looking for simplicity, you can always go for the buck seventy-five corn dog and coke from the local supermarket.

A fine meal any time.

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