Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

San Diego is home to all sorts of alternative yoga, and I’ve been trying them all.  Maybe my favorite: stand up paddle board yoga.  I took a class the day before learning to stand up paddle board, which was pretty awesome.  You’re out in Mission Bay, standing on this board on the water.  It’s almost like standing on water.  Makes me want to try surfing.  The next day, I went back for the yoga.

It was great.  You start out doing some warm ups and sun salutations on the beach.  Then you paddle across the bay to another beach and do some more yoga.  Then on to your boards to paddle out to a calm-ish area and start sun salutations, chair pose with twists, and bridges on the boards.  Not as difficult as it sounds!  When that’s done, back to the beach to do balance stuff, things that would just be crazy on the board, and then it finishes up back on the board doing stretches like pigeon.  It ends lying on the board in savasana (that ending, corpse-like pose), while drifting into the beach to end the session.

Pretty great.  Can this work in Red Hook?  Is the water clean enough?  Thoughts to ponder.  Sure is nice in San Diego.

For more info you can read the La Jolla light article on it here: SUP Yoga, or refer to the company info below.

OEX Mission Bay                                                                                                                                  1010 Santa Clara Place,                                                                                                                 Mission Bay,  CA 92109                                                                                                   619-866-6129

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