Perhaps our favorite spot in sunny San Diego provides relief from the constant sun when needed.  Nunu’s Cocktail Lounge, a dark, divey bar in Hillcrest might be one of the best bars ever.  A dark den of a joint, walking into Nunu’s during the day creates the impression that you are simply walking into night time.

The drinks are poured with a heavy hand and are dirt cheap.  There’s also a late night menu of greasy bar whatnots, big circular booths, a down to earth crowd and a smoking nook out back.  A little something for everyone.  And if you get there early enough to snag it, there’s a great little two-fer (or three-fer) seat with a raging fire.

The guy out front (on weekends) will card you regardless of age, and inevitably joke about how the date on your id must be wrong — if you are female.

We’ve hit up Nunu’s as often as possible, without neglecting the rest of San Diego.  But we think we could die happy here.

Nunu’s Cocktail Lounge                                                                                                                     3537 Fifth Avenue                                                                                                                              San Diego, CA 92103

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