Rock Climbing San Diego

Rock climbing is something I’ve always wanted to try, and San Diego and my trusty Groupon provided me with just the opportunity I was looking for.  The company who runs it, The Southern Terrain, is a San Diego based company that runs adventure trips from Patagonia and Machu Picchu (on my list) to Kilimanjaro.  They also have a couple of local climbing sites, which, being a novice and also in the area for the moment, is what I opted for.

It was a four-hour group course at Mission Trails Regional Park, which in itself was pretty remarkable.  It is a huge, natural urban park, once owned by the military for bombing practice.  Today it is the home of about 50 miles of hiking trails and paths, leading past historical points of interest such as the Old Mission Dam.  It is also the home of one particular trail, called the Climbers Trail, leading to the Kwaay Paay peak.  Which is the motha I climbed.

I am a New York City girl and this is new and scary for me.  You often don’t know where to put your feet or hands and it feels like you are simply clinging to the edge of a rock.  Which, you are.

Fortunately for me, the Southern Terrain staff was nothing short of amazing.  I even got a little pull on my harness in a particular moment of terror, reminding me that someone with experience had my back.  And, I totally climbed that rock!  A few times!  I may even look into that Machu Picchu trip…

Check them out, they are rockstars.

The Southern Terrain                                                                                                     325½ 8th Street                                                                                                             Del Mar, California 92014                                                                               858.309.2311

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