The Park Manor Suites Hotel

The Park Manor Suites Hotel.  Our home in San Diego.  So much to tell about it!  A block from Balboa Park, the rooms are small apartments, replete with kitchen and walk in closet. (Which is more than we can say about our home in Brooklyn!) Eat lunch on their glorious rooftop, or spend Friday evening there having drinks with the neighborhood queens.  Or, make your way to the restaurant and piano bar in the basement!  After dining on a roasted beet and goat cheese salad and the pan-seared sturgeon, sing along at the piano bar, or if singing’s not your thing, you can enjoy a large drink from their fantastic bar and bug out on the televised underwater scenes.  It feels like it’s really an aquarium!  Insiders can take the service elevator right outside the bar directly to their room just in case you’ve had one too many.  And from the rooftop, you can watch the airplanes fly right in to the downtown San Diego Airport.

Get there quick, cause it was sold while we were there and the future remains unknown…

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