Seltzer the old school way

We’ve been drinking a butt load of seltzer, and decided to get us some of the real thing.  There’s one guy who still has seltzer delivery, Ronnie Beberman, otherwise known as “The Seltzer Man” but we opted to hop in the jolly rancher and head out to Canarsie, the home of Gomberg Seltzer Works.

So, the place was super cool, we entered through a door that didn’t look like it had been in business for years, and when we walked in the one guy in the place looked like we were the first people to walk in there since who knows how long.  We got a case to figure out how long it will take us to go through it, but I think from now on we’ll just call the seltzer man for delivery — a trip to Canarsie is no joke, even with a car.  Once you get off the nearest expressway there is about a half hour drive on the busiest of Brooklyn streets to get there…we don’t even live that far away and the round trip took about two hours.  Still, I’m glad we went…it was a super cool place and neither of us had ever been to Canarsie!

Gomberg Seltzer Works                                                                                                                      855 E 92nd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236                                                                                                                               (718) 257-9369

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