Grimaldi’s Pizzaria

Grimaldi’s: where you’d rather stand in a log-assed line than hit up the empty pizza place around the corner.  In fact, there is a sign up on the corner with an arrow saying “Pizza this way” and pointing away from Grimaldi’s, and towards the other place.  Grimaldi’s ok’ed the sign.  I guess they figured their life would get a bit easier if they didn’t have to serve all those people.

After years of take out Grimaldi’s only, we finally broke our tradition in honor of some friends in town and stood in line.  Analysis?  Not that bad!  The line moves quickly, and here’s a good tip: if you’re just a twosome you’ll probably get to cut almost the entire line.

And once you get in, well, it’s just, maybe, the best. pizza. you will EVER. eat.  I’m sighing in ecstasy just thinking about it.

Enough said.  If you haven’t been, eat at Grimaldi’s.

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