Pop Bars

Pop Bars.  What?  How are you so perfect?

Having purchased a Groupon for 6 Pop Bars, which come complete with their own little cooler, we promptly devoured them.  What can we say, they were amazingly delicious.   We offer no apologizes for our ravenous behavior.  And at the end we were NOT left empty handed, but rather with a handy little cooler.

What are they?  Gelato pops.  YES, gelato pops.  They also have sorbet and yogurt pops, but the true awesomeness of the Pop Bar is the gelato pop.  Some are dipped in chocolate, some have nuts, but each one is a unique bar of goodness.  Look at them!!  Don’t you just want to shove them in your mouth???

Not to mention with the heat we’ve been having in NY, there are few other alternatives that could really compete.  Sure, ice cream, but that’s so last year.  This year?  It’s all about the pop-bar.  Eat them.

Pop Bar                                                                                                                                                       5 Carmine Street at 6th Ave                                                                                                            New York, NY 10014                                                                                                                           212-255-4874

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