Holga vs. Diana: Update!

So, a quick update as to the Diana vs. Holga saga.  We’ve now had several roles of each developed, and the verdict?  They both take cool pictures.  The Diana has more options, it has a 35 mm back as well as the traditional 120 film option, and there’s also a Polaroid back that we don’t own yet, but will post more about once we do.  It also has several lens options and a couple different flashes.  Here are a few examples from each:

Diana 35 mm fisheye lens with sprocket holes

Diana 35 mm back telephoto lens with flash

Diana 120 film telephoto lens

Diana 35 mm back fisheye lens

Holga regular lens

holga regular lens with flash

Holga regular lens

Holga regular lens with flash

Some interesting shots from both.  And we’re really just beginning to play with the possibilities…so…more updates to follow.


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