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Hammer that Claw

This past Saturday we attended the first annual NYC Hammer and Claw Blue Crab Feast. The feast is hosted by a native Maryland-er, Joshua Morgan, who also owns NY’s only Maryland inspired restaurant, Choptank.  It’s basically exactly what it sounds … Continue reading

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Live blog: Highline Park

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Sticky Haiku

Zipping through thick air Humidity surrounds us and strangles our brains.  

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Victor Victim: Apprehension

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Autumn To Do List…

Go apple picking Put homemade jerky in walk-in freezer Hide body of dead neighbor  Finish space craft Successfully orbit the moon Create new hybrid breed of designer dog (suggestions: rotte-uaua, Chow-mation?) Start gaining winter weight Stop waxing (Tracy) Move into … Continue reading

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Defonte’s Sandwich Shop

You know that great sandwich shop way out in Brooklyn somewhere, that only teamsters know about and won’t let the secret out?  Our guess is that it’s Defonte’s.  A half sandwich will buy you a foot long beast packed with … Continue reading

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We’re Back!

We apologize again for the brief pause in posting.  This has been a test of your national broadcasting network.  Please check in again tomorrow for new and daily updates, reviews, haiku, crazy photos, odd videos and victor victims.

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