Hammer that Claw

This past Saturday we attended the first annual NYC Hammer and Claw Blue Crab Feast. The feast is hosted by a native Maryland-er, Joshua Morgan, who also owns NY’s only Maryland inspired restaurant, Choptank.  It’s basically exactly what it sounds like: piles and piles of blue crab steamed in Old Bay and a hammer to open ’em.  There’s also unlimited corn on the cob, potato chips (including crab flavored) coleslaw, hot dogs, izze juices, coconut water and beer.  The feast benefits the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

It took place in The Tunnel at the Terminal Building on 11th Ave at 28th Street, and they boasted some pretty impressive stats: 2,000 people attended the feast, 250 bushels of crab were cracked, hammered and picked, which roughly translates to 25,000 crab, and 2,500 ears of corn were munched.  We take credit for being 2 of those people and devouring about 25 crab and 2.5 ears of corn each.

There was a live band to entertain you while waiting for your next burst of hunger, and, like we say, plenty of beer.

Ultimately?  It was great.  We were stuffed for about a day.  Our seating was from 7 – 11 and we only lasted till about 9:30.

Next time we’ll have to go hungry for a couple of days prior.

Find out more info here.

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