Sticky Haiku

Zipping through thick air

Humidity surrounds us

and strangles our brains.


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Victor Victim: Apprehension

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Autumn To Do List…

  1. Go apple picking
  2. Put homemade jerky in walk-in freezer
  3. Hide body of dead neighbor
  4.  Finish space craft
  5. Successfully orbit the moon
  6. Create new hybrid breed of designer dog (suggestions: rotte-uaua, Chow-mation?)
  7. Start gaining winter weight
  8. Stop waxing (Tracy)
  9. Move into geodome
  10. Increase drinking habit
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Defonte’s Sandwich Shop

You know that great sandwich shop way out in Brooklyn somewhere, that only teamsters know about and won’t let the secret out?  Our guess is that it’s Defonte’s.  A half sandwich will buy you a foot long beast packed with unbelievably delicious goodness.  And yes, there are folks ordering a full sandwich.

This is the size of a half sandwich at Defonte’s.

We’ve been talking recently with neighbors about having a Defonte’s brunch which would consist of one half sandwich of their AMAZING potato egg and Virginia ham, and we were thinking it would serve 10, if you slice the half sandwich in 10 reasonable chunks, plus some fruits and veggies.

This is the second half of our half sandwich from Defonte’s.

They run on Union hours, too, they open at 6am and you won’t find ’em open past 4, but they might shut their doors before then if they feel like it.  But!  The staff is friendly and expeditious, and the product is the best.  You’ll also get off on the photos on the wall of Defonte customers including the likes of the cast of the Sopranos.

And!  Don’t ignore their side dishes, either.  They have a great macaroni salad and an olive & celery salad, along with yummy old school staples.

Defonte’s alone: worth living out in Red Hook.

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We’re Back!

We apologize again for the brief pause in posting.  This has been a test of your national broadcasting network.  Please check in again tomorrow for new and daily updates, reviews, haiku, crazy photos, odd videos and victor victims.

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Please forgive our lack of posts this last week, we’ve both been insanely busy and haven’t seen each other much!  😦  The downside to having a joint blog.

In honor of your patience and loveliness, here’s a picture of the eight hour brunch we went to on Saturday, the one day we could have been home blogging.

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Red Hook Images: Cranes & Lady Liberty

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